Preserve your Iphone Photos for 2018 with Artifact Uprising

The Best Way To Preserve Your Phone Photos for 2018

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It’s a new year.  That means I’ve been making sure all our previous years’ photos are backed up, organized on a hard-drive and safe in the bank safety box.  But it’s easy to let our photos sit digitally untouched.  And if you’re like me, your Iphone hosts a proud 15 THOUSAND images on it. And in a world of tiny digital storage solutions, chances are — you’re not taking the time to enjoy those thousands of images you’re taking on your phone, amiright? If it’s a goal to better preserve your Iphone photos, I’ve got the solution.  It’s quickly become one of my new favorite things.

So, I absolutely love printed photos.  And I have deep mom guilt that I don’t print ours enough.  But the truth is, if I printed all of our images, we’d have thousands filling up the house and we’d be on an episode of hoarders.  Luckily, I found a solution and it’s one of my new favorite things.

One of my favorite printing companies, Artifact Uprising has an app.  It’s a lovely app that takes all the photos I dump in an iphoto album and puts them together in a small soft-cover photo book called a Volume.  Once I reach 50 new images in that album, it compiles them for me, I edit it (making sure all the crops are right), hit “order” and boom.  Within a few days, it’s on my door step and for just 30$ I have 50 images from the last bit of time printed and in my hands in a nice compact little book I can enjoy.  It definitely puts my mind at ease about printing our images, relieves me of a bit of that guilt and literally takes 5 minutes.  It’s perfect for busy moms!  Whenever I take an Iphone photo that I love, I just drop it in that Iphone album that’s synced with Artifact Uprising and it does all the work for me!  It even keeps up with what photos have been used previously so I don’t even have to worry from month to month about dropping in new photos and where the last volume left off.

Check out how beautiful these little books are!

Preserve Iphone Photos

Preserve Iphone Photos


Artifact Uprising also has a LOVELY and completely drool-worthy set of “Everyday Prints” that come in sets of 10, 25 and 50! They’re easy to squeeze into your budget and print along each month.  They also have a HUGE range of sizes and a beautiful white boarder which ups the game a ton for me.  There’s nothing I love more than a lovely boarder on a print.  It makes them feel so much more like a piece of art.

Preserve your Iphone Photos

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