Education For Photographers + 2018 New Look + The Education Store

2018 Fresh New Look + The Education Store

Education for Photographers

2018 is bringing in a lot of changes for us as we prepare to welcome another human into the world.  We just can’t wait to meet her.  In the meantime, we’re on full-out nesting mode around here!  Each year, one thing we do in the slow season is refresh our website.  This year, refreshing our website took on a whole new meaning as we didn’t just refresh our design, but created and established an entire new avenue of our business! It’s been a longtime goal to offer education for photographers!

We are so excited to announce that we now have an Education Store!  Educating hobbyists, photographers and creatives has been a growing passion of mine since the beginning of this journey.  I’ve found such a JOY in teaching others how to utilize their camera the way they want instead of being overwhelmed and letting their camera scare them away.  Once a camera is learned, the world of possibilities is endless and I love opening up that new world for others.  If you’re a mom just wanting to take better photos of your kids or a professional photographer just starting out, go check out the Education Store!  We’ve got TONS of products we’re releasing over the next couple of months! Make sure and sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out on any of our new products as they’re launched!

Head over to the new website AND the Education Store now to explore!  But for a little teaser, here’s a peek at the new look of CJP! Thanks to and Davey and Krista’s Palm Shop Templates, our site is looking better than ever!

Here’s the new homepage!


And here’s a look at the blog!  (Isn’t it lovely?!)


We are SO VERY excited about the Education Store!

Education for Photographers

And here’s a sneak peek of our new guide, Lifestyle Flat-Lays, which will be on the blog tomorrow!

Lifestyle Flatlays

  1. Leigh Schrage

    January 11th, 2018 at 8:46 pm

    Ummm, workshops?! Count me in!! Or else I’m just going to show up at your house for a visit 😉

    Hugs friend! This looks amazing!!

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