Education for Photographers

How to shoot flat lays at home

If you’re running a creative business these days, you’re all too familiar with wanting to up your flat lay game. But you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take amazing flat lays.  In fact, most would surprise you at how amazing their flat lays are, and if you saw the behind the scenes, […]


5 Tips for Work From Home Moms

I’m not sure that mom-preneur is an actual word, but it should be.  Between the dishes, laundry and housework, child rearing, attitude correcting, refereeing the playtime and dancing over legos left in the floor – anything on top of mom/housewife is a win for the entrepreneurship side of what we do.  It’s a struggle to […]


How to get sharp focus in group photos

Hey photographers! I’m sharing one of my favorite tips for wedding photographers today – how to get sharp focus in group photos.  One of the hardest things for new photographers to figure out is that once you’re shooting with wide open apertures to get those beautiful dreamy backgrounds, it can actually work against you when […]


3 Tips for Better Couples Portraits on Your Wedding Day | Arkansas Wedding Photographer

How to Shoot In The Worst Light It’s when the panic sets in, usually.  When you get the itinerary from the wedding planner and the first look and portrait time is in the MIDDLE of the day.  When the sun is relentless and shade is in short supply.  But you don’t have to panic.  Here […]


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