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 The sun is floating in through the windows, casting a warm glow on your cheeks. He stands before you, waiting patiently as you walk towards him. He swallows hard, emotion thick in his throat and you smile because you know he's fighting hard to keep his emotions in check. Your features change as he loses the fight and a tear breaks free of the dam in his eyes and rolls gently down his cheek, leaving a trail of dampness in its wake. You steal a glance at your momma, who is decidedly less determined to keep her tears at bay. She looks proudly at her daughter, walking bravely towards an unknown future. There's only one thing that's certain on this day, that you love one another. And that love is enough. Like pearls on a strand, these tiny moments make up the story of your day. 
Mere seconds in time are the memories you'll hold most dear in your heart forever. We're here to capture them. So that years down the road, your children have a front row seat to the day their parents promised that their love was enough. Enough to get them through the dark times and enough in times of abounding joy. These photographs, which sit idle on the living room table tangibly hold a magic that reminds your heart of these moments long after time has taken it's toll on the mind. My hope is that your album is a beacon of light during those times that aren't easy - one which reminds you that your marriage is worth fighting for, and a reminder of hope during times of happiness. We believe in a legacy worth remembering. Let's tell your story together.

We are Rusty and Cassie


the photographers

We met in the halls of our local junior high school.  He was in to soccer, cross country running and country music.  She was in to art class, choir and could be found with her nose in a book.   Friends from the start, one day, her heel broke on her way to math class and he swooped in, saved the day and put it back together with bubble gum.  The rest, is, as they say, history. 

A few years and college classes later, they were married, surrounded by their families and friends in their hometown with the typical Southern ceremony in 2007.  Cassie immediately started her photography business and 5 years later after giving birth to their first child, she started specializing in weddings full time.   
Cassie also began to unearth a passion for helping teach other photographers do what she does for couples.  In 2016, she helped direct her first photography conference. 

Rusty tagged along and on the plane ride home, he asked if he could come to a wedding with her to help.  Cassie taught him the ins and outs of photography and they've been working together ever since.  They love every moment of being together, and becoming a husband and wife team was one of the best decisions they ever made.  Now, in 2018, the couple photograph weddings all over the world and help educate other photographers how to build their businesses and create photographs that are intimate, sentimental and preserve legacies for others.

Our engagement and Wedding pictures are treasures because of Cassie and her husband Rusty. They really became more like friends to us, and we were so thankful to have these sweet people capture our wedding day. We felt completely comfortable with them, and our photos continue to receive compliments from family and friends. I would absolutely recommend Cassie to any bride wanting unique, beautiful, and seemingly effortless photos.

lauren schultz - bride

Cassie was not just our wedding photographer, she really became a friend to us. We connected right away and her passion for her art is evident every time you talk to her. Cassie helped walked us through our wedding timeline, asked us what was important to us and seriously helped make our wedding pictures completely stress free.

Kari castillo - bride



There's nothing more wonderful to Cassie than sitting in the floor looking through old photographs.  They hold a magic that she can't quite explain.  It's like stepping back in time - but in your heart.

We love printed photographs



Rusty, around the house is known as "Mr. Fix-It".  Much like Fix-it-Felix from Wreck-It-Ralph, Rusty can build/fix anything from wedding arbors to custom light fixtures that can be seen in homes and  local businesses around our small town. 

He loves to build



We love to travel and adventure together.  Our favorite thing about traveling, though, is coming back home.  Because there's no place on earth like it.  

Italy - new york - the world



Cassie hasn't lost her love for books and writing. Though she's never written a novel, it's one of the things she'd love to do before she dies.  There's nothing better than curling up with a hot cup of coffee and a good book.

She'll read anything with words



Rusty loves to eat at home and the comfort of Southern food.  Which is great, because Cassie loves to cook! They love to share meals together with their families and their friends.  They believe there's nothing better at the end of the day than gathering together over a good meal. 




When she's not editing or doing the "lego dance" across the living room, you can usually find Cassie in the kitchen, radio on, singing over a pot.  She's also addicted to kitchen tools and loves anything Le Creuset. 

Julia child and Cassie are bffs