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We’re continuing our Best of 2017 series today with one of my absolute favorite parts of the series: the real moments.  If you’ve missed the last few parts, you can catch up by visiting The Best of 2017 : Behind the Scenes, Bride and Groom Portraits, and Details.

Wedding days are full of un-planned moments.  Funny ones, celebratory ones, emotional ones and we’re so privileged to get to witness so many facets of love on the days we spend with our couples.  We’re so thankful that they invite us into their days without boundaries so that we can capture all the happy, bittersweet and down-right tear-jerking moments with them.  We gather these each year and share our favorites, as we believe they deserve a category all of their own.

It’s always been a belief of ours that a good photograph can make you feel something about the people who are in it, even if you don’t know them.  Though not always technically correct, we’re always proudest of these on a wedding day.  To anticipate the unpredicted is one of the most challenging parts of our jobs, but also the most rewarding.  Sometimes, they take us by complete surprise. Other times, we can see the build up.  Either way they happen, the point is is that they happen.  And that we can remember them.


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