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The Palm Shop : Customizable Showit Website Templates

Education for Photographers

** All links in this post are AFFILIATE links. We are so honored to be considered an affiliate with Davey and Krista and truly would have only considered becoming one if we truly loved their products.  We were so blown away by the experience we received as clients before we were considered an affiliate.  We are also so excited that with the use of the coupon code CASSIEJONES you can receive 10% off their website templates.**

One of the questions we get asked most often is how we designed our website.  The truth of it is, I’m not skilled as a designer so we had some help! I’d been in love with Davey and Krista’s Palm Shop templates from the moment I saw them and our dream one day is to have a fully custom site designed by them, too!  This year, we had a big year, launching our education store and adding a new person to our family so we needed an updated look and a WHOLE NEW WEBSITE for the education store.  We needed them to be cohesive in branding and design so we bought two templates that coordinated well – one for the education store and one for our website that housed our portfolio for our wedding photography side.

To see all of Davey and Krista’s beautiful templates, head here to their shop’s online home. They have some AMAZING resources for photographers and a wonderful podcast, Brands That Book.

Here’s what we went with for our wedding photography side : Positano Template

Showit Website Templates


One of the things I love most A few of the things I love most about Davey and Krista’s website templates are these :

  1. They’re fully customizable with Showit, but they’re especially beautiful and you don’t feel like you HAVE to customize a whole ton.  I wasn’t overwhelmed when I got into Showit feeling like it was too much to do.  It was REALLY easy to make it fit my brand and showcase my work beautifully AND get it done efficiently.  And as a mom of three children ages 6 and under, well that was important.
  2. They have payment plans.  Because we were purchasing not one, but TWO templates – we were grateful for this ! It allowed us to make a big investment without making it all at once.  We were able to stretch our dollars and STILL PUBLISH whenever we were ready! (That’s love for fellow business owners, right there.)
  3. They have multiple options within each template.  One of my absolute favorite things about the whole template experience was that I could choose from different variations of home pages, gallery pages, and footer styles.
  4. You can purchase WITH or WITHOUT a blog.  This is huge.  We needed a blog with our wedding photography side of our business, but DIDN’T need ANOTHER blog with our education store, as we mesh the two brands together on our main blog.

Here’s how the finished product looks for the wedding photography side of our business.

Website Design Palm Shop Templates

Palm Shop Davey and Krista Palm Shop Template Davey and Krista Palm Shop Template Arkansas Wedding Photographer Website

For the Education Store, we went with another Palm Shop Template, however, this one was a bit different.  We went with Santa Cruz – on top of the capability of showing off portfolio, this template’s most desirable quality is that it functions as an online store.  It basically marries three really important and wonderful things : the freedom of Showit, the beautiful designs of Davey and Krista’s Palm Shop Templates and the functionality of Shopify as an online store with e-commerce capabilities.

Santa Cruz Website Template



What I love about this template is that it has all the normal perks of a Davey and Krista Palm Shop Template AND is super easy to connect Shopify with the Showit website – but only because Davey and Krista’s support videos that come along with the template are extra amazing and walked this tech-challenged photographer through every step of the way.  Now, our shop looks like this :


Now, if you’re ready to give your website home a makeover and solidify your online home as a brand that books – head over to the Palm Shop now and use the code CASSIEJONES for 10% off.

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