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How to Shoot in The Worst Light

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How to Shoot In The Worst Light

It’s when the panic sets in, usually.  When you get the itinerary from the wedding planner and the first look and portrait time is in the MIDDLE of the day.  When the sun is relentless and shade is in short supply.  But you don’t have to panic.  Here are three of my favorite tips to get you through portrait time, even in the WORST light.

  1. Find slivers of shade where you can escape dappled light.  Dappled light – light that is uneven and splotchy.  If you can light your subjects with nice and even (yes, even BRIGHT light!) – your images will turn out one thousand times better than in dappled light.
  2. Put your clients in front of the light – Shooting backlit is one of the best ways you can escape bad, harsh light. By putting your subjects in front of the light, you can create gorgeous lighting, even when it’s harsh.
  3. Underexpose a little.  Your light meter in your camera is one of the greatest tools you have – so if you under expose just a touch, you can save the delicate details.  Many times, when what we are shooting has delicate details, like the lace on a veil or dress, it can get completely lost in the dress when our images are really light and bright.  Underexposing, even when you lighten it up later in post production can help save those little details and help them not get lost later on.

Earlier this summer, we had a wedding on a lake right as the sun was at it’s harshest.  We used all of our favorite tips above for creating these images below.

How to shoot in the worst light How to shoot in the worst light How to shoot in the worst light



  1. Kc Rossi says:

    Great tips + beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing.

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