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3 Tips on Shooting Great Flat Lays at Home

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If you’re running a creative business these days, you’re all too familiar with wanting to up your flat lay game. But you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take amazing flat lays.  In fact, most would surprise you at how amazing their flat lays are, and if you saw the behind the scenes, you’d be completely shocked at how they were shot.  For example, I shot this on my front porch just this morning.

How to shoot flat lays at home

How to shoot flat lays

The final product is GORGEOUS, isn’t it?! You’d never dream it was shot just before a rain storm on my front porch instead of a pristine studio surrounded by windows.

You can surprise yourself at how amazing your flat lays can be with these three tips on how to up your flat lay game.

  1. Find a white backdrop.  I use foam core board from the craft store.  It costs around $2.99 for a large piece of white foam core board.  You can also pick up other colors like gray to add to your background options.  The white backdrop also helps brighten the image by reflecting light.
  2. Find a great place to shoot with amazing light.  For me, my best light happens when I open my front door and set my flat lay on the porch. I sit in my door frame and shoot my flat lay from the comfort of my own welcome mat.  Taking my flat lay outside removes harsh shadows from some of my other windows, but if you’ve got great indoor light – use it!
  3. Set up your products or set props attractively. Keep it simple, you don’t want to overwhelm – but make it interesting. Play with your layers and don’t be afraid to get creative with your set up.  The best flat lay images have levels – some props may be taller than others – that’s a great way to add in layers! If your flat lay is too flat, consider lifting some of your pieces with small objects that stay hidden from sight.  I often use camera lens covers that are small and stay hidden to lift pieces just off the board.  You can also use things like coasters and books to add some dimension to your images.

How to Shoot Flat Lays at Home

If you want to learn more about flat lays, check out our education shop and our mini-guide : Creating Lifestyle Flat Lays 

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