3 Magical Tools to Transform Your Instagram Cassie Jones

3 Magical Tools to Transform Your Instagram

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Instagram game suffering? We’ve all been there. It can be rough figuring out the best times to post, engaging content, getting new followers unless you tried Instagram followers free trial tool and let’s not even get started on algorithms. Here’s our favorite 3 magical tools to transform your Instagram!

HOWEVER there are a few tools out there that can magically transform your Instagram into a stress-free social media marketing machine.

1. When To Post App – the When to Post App is one of the most brilliant things ever. You put in your account and it reads your followers’ behavior, then POOF – it magically tells you the best times TO post and when to definitely NOT post. Which brings us to our next magical tool.

2. Planoly. Planoly has been one of the biggest game changers in our business. So much that I pay the 10$ a month just to use it. And yes. If you’re a business owner – that 10$ is one of the best business investments I’ll ever make … each month. Planoly is like outsourcing your instagram but in a DYI method. In Planoly, you can upload your files (ahead of time — and yes, professionals, from your computer so no more sending photos to your phones just so you can upload to instagram.) What’s even more, is that you can schedule your posts, save hashtag groups (no more typing them in one by one!) AND it’ll even automatically post for you to Instagram, which is Planoly’s newest and most awesome feature to date.

3. VSCO – sometimes, we have to take photos on the fly.  When we don’t have our professional camera hanging around like when we’re at the park with our kiddos.  VSCO is my FAVORITE phone photo editing tool that lets you add great and stylish presets as well as cropping and adjusting exposure and temperatures.  Sharing your personal life is definitely encouraged as a business owner and this makes it easier for those Iphone photos to fit into your grid full of professionalism and pretty.

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