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What to Wear For an Engagement Session

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Last week, we talked about locations and for the final installment of our Engagements mini series, we’re talking about the one thing everyone struggles with.  Outfits.  There’s so much to choose from and “does this flatter my figure?”  It can be a real drag on your engagement session if you don’t feel confident in what you’re both wearing.  Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect outfits for your engagement session.

What to Wear for Your Engagment Seession1.  The most important thing is to choose outfits you’re COMFORTABLE in.  Outfits that make you feel beautiful, confident and that flatter your figure.  I always recommend one or two casual outfits and one dressy.  Or you can switch that up.

2. Try to compliment one another’s outfits rather than be matchy-matchy.  Don’t be afraid to mix patterns or colors so long as they’re complimentary to one another.  Find ways to tie your outfit to his in small accessories or colors.  If you’re both wanting to wear something complimentary, take a look at the color wheel.  This is an intense color wheel, but it shows a LOT of shades to match great outfits. Colors opposite one another on the color wheel are complimentary.

Thank you Google for this Image!

Thank you Google for this Image!

3. Think about your locations and the looks you want.  Do your locations match a certain feel you’re going for?  Take this example, for instance.  These two wanted to style their session just a tad.  He’s from the mountains, so they wanted to emulate that out-doorsy feel.  They made some home-made hot chocolate and styled their outfits around the feel they were going for.  They decided to mix patterns, where she went for a bold and large plaid and he went for a small, complimentary color.  Her neutral vest softened the plaid and helped blend the two outfits together.

_CJP8555 _CJP8615

4.  Accessories and Layers: you can NEVER go wrong with accessories and layers!  They add dimension to your outfits. Accessories such as statement necklaces, scarves, vests, ties  and hats can really pull your outfits together. Take a look at these examples.




Just look how a statement necklace can really pull things in.

DSC_6834 copy2


5. You can NEVER go wrong with neutrals.  Ever.


20140409-_DSC7412-26. Bold colors can look beautiful if done right!  These guys worked the color wheel like pros.  ALSO : TIP — if mixing patterns is too much for you, patterns paired with a solid is ALWAYS good.  SO so good.



20140409-_DSC77417.  Things to avoid: colors that wash you out, both of you wearing white, and tennis-shoes.

8.  If you’ve got something you think might be special, DO IT. I’m always up for an adventure, like going with these two to the Air Force Base. Since Henry is in the Air Force, Kylee paired a neutral dress with his uniform colors.



9. Dressing up:  Bold and beautiful colors can be paired with neutral colors for an elegant look. Add in a pair of gorgeous high heels and you’re all set!


10. Definitely wear: your lovely personality.  Letting your personality shine is one of the greatest things you can do for your engagement session.  The session should be fun, stress free, and exciting.  I do all the hard work, just sit back, relax and enjoy one another.

And for fun, here are some more examples of some great engagement outfits:



_CJP4165DSC_6663 copy_CJP3698DSC_4883 copyDSC_8555 copyDSC_6800

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