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What To Do With Your Wedding Photos

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What to Do With Your Wedding Photos 

The wedding is over and your beautiful photos have been delivered.  So…what now? The downside to everything being digital these days is that all too often, couples get their downloads and they sit there in the interwebs forever and ever, never making it on to that glorious paper they were intended for.  It’s true, us photographers are quite romantic and nostalgic about seeing our work in print, but honestly, it’s the most magical experience when, years down the road your children and grandchildren uncover a dust covered album full of wedding photos.  It’s like giving them a front row seat to their history.  At least, that’s how it was when I uncovered my grandparent’s photo album of their wedding.  It’s not about the skill of the photographer, or even the crazy dresses and hairstyles (though those 80’s albums definitely are a conversation starter.) It’s about a legacy that started with the two of them on that day. A lifetime of building, dreaming, commitment and love. So. What do you do with your wedding photos? You print them.  And here’s how.

What to do with your wedding photos

  1. Heirloom Albums.  We offer heirloom albums to all our clients as part of our collection add-ons. These are beautiful books, professionally printed with the utmost care.  They’re designed by us and sent to our favorite album company for printing – and they’re made by hand.  If you’re curious about our album options, head over to albums.cassiejonesphotography.net to see our albums for yourself.  They’re the perfect way to preserve your legacy in a way that’s timeless, classy and worth keeping on your table top for years to come.  It’s the perfect heirloom to pass down through the generations.  My favorite part about these albums is their lay-flat design, meaning they don’t fold into the binding when the pages are turned.  If you’re a CJP bride, you can head over to our album site to see all our album options.  Make sure and ask your photographer what their options are for layflat albums.  How to print your wedding photos
  2. A Perfume Drive.  Those digital negatives are no less important once you get your photos printed.  CD’s and DVD’s are on their way out, with most computers not even including a disk drive anymore.  We offer our clients perfume drives complete with their digital negatives already in a unique, physical safe space.  This is the perfect way to keep up with your digital negatives that’s way classier than a disk with handwritten sharpie “wedding photos.” It’s essential that they stand out, are kept in a safe place and aren’t easy to mix up with your other drives and disks.  And besides, isn’t it just lovely?What to do with your wedding photos
  3. Storybook Albums – storybook albums are the REALLY fancy version of a coffee table book.  They’re a hardcover book with matte pages and have a more modern design feel with one image per page.  They come with a gorgeously designed dust jacket and the best part, they’re really versatile!  They come with 50 pages (50 images) or more and are a really lovely way to preserve your memories. 
  4. Prints.  We love prints!  Prints are one of the best way to preserve your memories! If you’re a CJP Bride, You can order prints straight from our professional printer directly from your proofing gallery or ask your photographer how to gain access to professionally printed prints. I promise – they’re worth it.  If you’re looking to print and frame your image, try Framebridge – it’s one of our favorite companies that we use in our personal prints. You can easily upload your image from your phone or computer, pick out your frame and sizing, SEE it on an actual wall, design wall galleries and they arrive fully framed and ready to hang on your wall.  If you have a print release or your images are your own, one of our favorite places to print our personal images is Artifact Uprising   They have so many options to preserve your images!

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