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Kari-9783The details box is one of the most essential pieces of material for a wedding day.  It’s what starts the day off right.

When I first arrive to a wedding, the first thing I do is grab my details box and run.  (Not run away, and not run far- but run creatively.) I LOVE to style details on wedding days, so I make sure I have plenty of time to get them done and get them done right.  Having the details box ready for me when I get there is key and a huge time saver.  If I’m having to gather up details – it takes a while.  Having them all ready to go, I can just grab them and get started.

Details for me are my warm up time.  It’s where I can get into the zone creatively, set the tone for the rest of the day and have a little fun.

Here’s a list of what I encourage my brides to include in their detail box.

For the Bride:

  1. Her shoes
  2. All her jewelry + all the rings. (It’s best to keep these in small jewelry boxes)
  3. Headpieces
  4. 2 copies of all wedding stationary with envelopes i.e. invitations, programs, thank you cards.
  5. Perfume
  6. Lipstick
  7. Garters/handkerchiefs
  8. Anything special to them that can help me style details i.e. one bride brought a small antique-ish jewelry box.  It made for some gorgeous shots.
  9. Material swatches or wedding details that can help me style i.e. one bride sent me with the stump cutting they used for their cake.
  10. Pretty Dress Hanger. (Even if you don’t want one with your name on it, there are great vintage finds or just a simple wood hanger will do nicely!)


For the Groom:

  1. His Shoes
  2. Pocket square / Tie / Bowtie
  3. Belt
  4. Socks (If patterned)
  5. Cologne
  6. Cufflinks
  7. Watch


For more information on how you can make sure your photographer gets great detail shots on your wedding day, read this post here: How to Ensure Your Photographer Gets Great Detail Shots on Your Wedding Day
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