Shooting and Styling Flatlays : a Guide for Creatives

Lifestyle Flatlays / A Guide for Creatives

Education for Photographers

Do you need to know how to shoot flatlays for your business, instagram or blog? You don’t have to be a pro to knock it out of the park.

Social media has become one of the biggest marketing tools in business today.  Over the last ten years, social media has changed so much about how businesses connect with current clients and how future clients discover your business. It’s opened the doors for brick and mortar stores to do more than half of their business through online sales and helped small business dreams become a reality.  While it seems easy, social media for business is a land of it’s own, with algorithms and best times to post and a whole new element to building a business with storytelling.  Suddenly, businesses are reaching out on a much more personal level through social media, showing behind the scenes looks into how their products are made, how they’re sold and designed and so much more.

Because of the visual change in businesses and how they relate to their clients, photography has become a whole new ballgame for businesses.  But not every business owner is a photographer. And you don’t have to be a professional to get professional imagery for your business.  However, professional imagery is more important now than ever before.  From products to process, showing the different facets of your business through instagram, facebook, pinterest and other avenues of social m

edia can be your biggest form of marketing and make any dollars you’re spending on paid ads go ten thousand times further.  Imagery is eye-catching and the first thing your potential clients are going to see and grab their attention.

That’s why I wrote our new guide in the Education StoreLifestyle Flatlays have become an important element to businesses, lifestyle bloggers and instagram influencers and with all that you’ll learn from the guide, you’ll be taking high quality professional images for your creative business, starting today without breaking the bank.  Through this guide, you’ll learn how to take beautiful and stunning images with items you already own, create stunning backdrops on a budget and learn how to shoot and edit your images (even if you’re using your Iphone!) The guide is a 13 page intensive look at shooting and styling lifestyle flatlays, how to transform your images into stories and how to make a huge impact with them on social media.

Go take a look at the Guide : Lifestyle Flatlays available in the store today!

Shooting and styling flatlays Shooting and styling flatlays



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