Rustic Engagement Session / Paige + Nathan / Camp Tahkodah Arkansas |

Rustic Engagement Session / Paige + Nathan / Camp Tahkodah Arkansas

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When Paige and Nathan told me they wanted to do their engagement session at Camp Tahkodah I was SO excited.  This place will always hold special memories for me, as I grew up going for two weeks every summer.  It was one of my favorite places and I’m so glad each time one of my couples wants to visit.

Paige and Nathan, Rusty and I had a wonderful time with both of you! Thank you so much for going on this adventure with us and taking the time to enjoy the sunset up on the bluff.  It was a joy to worship the Lord with you two in song as we watched the sun go down. We are looking forward to spending more time with both of you on wedding day!

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