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Kari + Luke / Elegant Hunt Chapel Wedding

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Luke and Kari’s wedding day is a day that I’ll always remember as true joy.  It’s always wonderful, the people we get the honor of coming to know through what we do but what’s even greater is to be enveloped as one of the family.  To be embraced as a friend.  Through this process, Luke and Kari have become two people we think so highly of! We sincerely hope our time together is really just beginning. We can’t wait to see where life takes this sweet couple and we know that together they’re bound for wonderful things.

Luke and Kari, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to be a part of your big day.  But more than that, we are thankful for your friendship and for the joy of getting to meet you both.  dsc_6595 dsc_6598 dsc_6601 dsc_6603 dsc_6615 dsc_6635 dsc_6589 dsc_6645 dsc_6653 dsc_6665 dsc_6707 dsc_6711 dsc_6712 dsc_6717 dsc_6718 dsc_6753 dsc_6769 dsc_6779 dsc_6792 dsc_6850 dsc_6855 dsc_6952 dsc_6954 dsc_6957 dsc_6967 dsc_6975 dsc_6998 dsc_7103 dsc_7106 dsc_7109 dsc_7112 dsc_7122 dsc_7124 dsc_7132 dsc_7133 dsc_7136 dsc_7144 dsc_7150 dsc_7159 dsc_7200 dsc_7204 dsc_7211 dsc_7218 dsc_7232 dsc_7243 dsc_7279 dsc_7283 dsc_7290 dsc_7296 dsc_7298 dsc_7299 dsc_7304 dsc_7329 dsc_7338 dsc_7340 dsc_7342 dsc_7347 dsc_7353 dsc_7358 dsc_7363 dsc_7366 dsc_7372 dsc_7375 dsc_7379 dsc_7382 dsc_7395 dsc_7398 dsc_7402 dsc_7413 dsc_7416 dsc_7420 dsc_7426 dsc_7429 dsc_7432 dsc_7463 dsc_7476 dsc_7484 dsc_7485 dsc_7488 dsc_7498-2 dsc_7502-2 dsc_7504-2 dsc_7505-2 dsc_7507-2 dsc_7513 dsc_7517 dsc_7526-2 dsc_7529 dsc_7538 dsc_7549 dsc_7551-2 dsc_7569 dsc_7594 dsc_7598 dsc_7611 dsc_7613 dsc_7629 dsc_7646 dsc_7652 dsc_7655 dsc_7671 dsc_7713 dsc_7726 dsc_7733 dsc_7749 dsc_7765 dsc_7797 dsc_7805 dsc_8037 dsc_8053 dsc_8057 dsc_8058 dsc_8068 dsc_8071 dsc_8084 dsc_8096 dsc_8110 dsc_8134 dsc_8158 dsc_8174 dsc_8414 dsc_8420 dsc_8433 dsc_8438 dsc_8458 dsc_8464 dsc_8490 dsc_8501 dsc_8513 dsc_8541 dsc_8570 dsc_8572 dsc_8582 dsc_8599 dsc_8601 dsc_8609 dsc_8633 dsc_8649 dsc_8658 dsc_8666 dsc_8670 dsc_8680 dsc_8699 dsc_8710 dsc_8745 dsc_8786 dsc_8788 dsc_8801 dsc_8819 dsc_8824 dsc_8825 dsc_8842 dsc_8868 dsc_8871 dsc_8880 dsc_8894 dsc_8906-2 dsc_8911 dsc_8920 dsc_8926 dsc_8933 dsc_8963 dsc_8966 dsc_8985 dsc_9001 dsc_9009 dsc_9018 dsc_9022 dsc_9028 dsc_9032 dsc_9043 dsc_9049 dsc_9055 dsc_9064 dsc_9066 dsc_9069 dsc_9078 dsc_9136 dsc_9138 dsc_9153 dsc_9181 dsc_9211 dsc_9214 dsc_9223 dsc_9225 dsc_9236 dsc_9247 dsc_9262 dsc_9294 dsc_9305 dsc_9323 dsc_9410 dsc_9543 dsc_9662 dsc_9681 dsc_9688 dsc_9770 dsc_9775 dsc_9781 dsc_9783 dsc_9785 dsc_9787 dsc_9790


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