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Content Planning Sheets

What Does Your To Do List Look Like?

Does your “to do” list actually look more like a “things-I-should-have-done-yesterday” list? Especially when it comes to creative business, planning new content can get a little overwhelming.  For one blog post, there may be 10-15 steps to take from graphics to SEO that go far beyond writing the words.  If your to-do-list system could use a pick-me-up, go check out our new Content Planning Sheets in the Shop.  With open ended formats and large areas for the freedom to make notes and bullet lists, these productivity sheets create a great, organized system to planning content across multiple platforms along with monthly goal planning, weekly goal planning and daily goal planning so you can focus how ever macro or micro you want.

Running Smoothly

Our business runs so much smoother the more we plan! With these easy printable productivity sheets, you can plan your monthly, weekly, daily goals, content, social media and big projects!  This 10 page download includes all the sheets we use in our business to help keep track of ALL THE THINGS.

What’s In The Productivity Sheets?

Pages included are
  • Project Planning Sheet
  • Blog Post Planning Sheet
  • Content Planning Sheet
  • Content Mapping and Planning Sheet
  • Quarterly Content Planning Sheet
  • Monthly Blog Planning Sheet
  • Monthly Goals Planning Sheet
  • Weekly Goals Sheet
  • Daily Goals Sheet.

Sheets are delivered in printable PDF form and are only $9.99 in the shop!

Click HERE to go get your set!

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