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This is my favorite reflection day.  Today’s post was actually supposed to be the final post in the Best of 2016 series but I just can’t hang on to it for that long.  It’s because this one, well, it means the most.

It’s all the little moments we see but don’t always post.  It’s the ones that are bittersweet, the ones that are funny, the ones that make us tear up and the ones that make us laugh. Most importantly, these are the ones that make us  feel something.  They’re the ones that aren’t always technically correct, and yet, are the most beautiful.  They’re not always creative, but their beauty outshines the posed sometimes in the most simplistic and unexpected of ways.  These are the moments that we didn’t plan on.  The moments that are the true beauty of a wedding day and the ones that  remind us exactly why we love what we do.

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