Arkansas Wedding Photographer 2017 Behind the Scenes

2017 Behind The Scenes / Arkansas Wedding Photographer

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2017 Behind The Scenes / Arkansas Wedding Photographer

When it comes to favorite posts this one isn’t always my favorite to show (because, well, it’s a little humbling to have all those awkward movements I make captured) but it’s always my favorite to write and gather images for because of all the great memories.  It’s so fun to look back through the year and re-live each wedding day, especially now that I get to spend them with my very best friend.  This year was Rusty’s second full year of shooting with me and wow, he captured some doozies of me doing my thing.

How do we work as a team? It’s pretty simple.  I’m still the lead photographer, I do all the posing for our couples.  However, Rusty’s capturing the guys getting ready (because I can’t be in two places at once!) , another angle on the ceremony, bride and groom images and extra coverage during the reception.  He’s also spending a few moments at each wedding with me jumping in the way of his shots and documenting what I’m doing for our couples, which is always fun.  He’s gathering images for social media as well as carrying all the bags, handing me lenses, making sure I have a new, freshly charged battery when I need one and keeps up with the cards I hand him as well as the next ones to shoot on.  He’s the one helping our brides get around in that huge dress while I’m leading them through the wilds of Arkansas to amazing locations and carrying large floral bouquets.  His job isn’t always glamorous but he always does it with a huge smile and a grateful heart.  While he’s considered the “second shooter” he’s doing a lot behind the scenes for me and for our couples.  I couldn’t have a better partner.  So thank you, Rusty for capturing all of these “glorious” images of me doing what I love so that I can look back on the year and remember why I love what I do.  Though these images don’t represent my good side, they represent a job that I love and that I love doing with you.

Most photographers say you’re not supposed to touch your couples.  I hug mine all the time and also pick off fuzzies when they need it.

Arkansas Wedding Photographer

When it comes to adventure, I’m usually game.  This creek was cold and slippery and I was 7 months pregnant but thankfully, I had Rusty’s help getting in and out.

Bridal party game on point.

Posing bridal parties is serious business.

We’re pretty lucky we get to hang out with some of Arkansas’ best videographers while we work.  Here we are off roading on a wedding day with James of Truebadors.

If you ever can’t find me on a wedding day, I’m off finding the smallest bit of marble floors by a window and commandeering a corner for bridal details.

Nope. Wait yo turn. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t saying that but that’s what it looks like.

Sometimes I wish I were just a HAIR taller.

Here, I totally killed Rusty’s shot of the bride and groom dancing in the barn from afar.  Whoops.

When in historic hotels, you break out the style board by the windows.

Sometimes weddings take us to awesome places out of state where they have amazing stores like West Elm.  And you make a stop and model their office chairs.

Arkansas Wedding Photographer Cassie Jones

It was super windy.  Bride : amazing.  Me: cousin It.

Arkansas Wedding Photographer

Her dress was amazing, as was her spirit while I walked them down a super dusty road before the ceremony.  We kept it clean!

This is how.

Arkansas Wedding Photographer

Videographer assistant added to my list of professional titles, please! We take turns people.  Team work makes the dream work.

Fayetteville Wedding Photographer

Again, with the team work.

NWA Wedding Photographer

This engagement session was bitterly cold.  They are freezing and hiding it well.  I had on two pairs of gloves, two coats and multiple layers of leggings.

They think I’m funny.

NWA Wedding Photographer

This awesome shot from the other side.  I look like a lurker plastered to the wall but it was worth it.

What the final product looked like :

I’m sure I was telling them something super important.

Arkansas Wedding Photographer

Straddling the wedding dress while taking portraits is a go-to pose for me.

My favorite travel buddy.

I’m not sure why this was so serious.

Sometimes we have time for pre-ceremony selfies.

Ring shots.  On the ground.

Checking out what I got.

This year, we were able to experience another side of “work” as I began my first year at Showit as United Director.  Showit United is an annual conference located in the Phoenix Arizona area.  I started going to United several years ago as a volunteer and as the years progressed my role at United grew and my first year as United Director was the best yet.  It’s been such a blessing to be surrounded by dear friends and work for a company that believes in family first and building lasting friendships and a family out of their employees.  My time at Showit has been indescribably wonderful for the first year and I’m greatly looking forward to another year of wonderful memories and experiences.

Here’s a little peek at some of the experiences I’ve had with Showit this year :

First up, the ladies of Showit went to New York for the Wild Hearts Conference

They fed us cotton candy!

Jihae and I at the Showit office for a planning meeting for United!

And here’s a few United highlights :

I taught a styled shoot on styling lifestyle flat lays which was SO MUCH FUN!  Rusty caught this during my talk.  Yes. I sat on the ground.

Jasmine Star may not have a clue but through her blog, she taught me everything I needed to know about how to use my camera and start my business.  I’ve been thankful each time I’ve gotten to hear her speak in person at United and so thankful for the genuine spirit she brings with her when she comes.  She always makes time to visit with all the attendees, take photos and spend one on one time with us!

Chatting with some of the sweetest girls ever after our flatlays class.

One of my favorite things about United is the fact that I’ve made so many lifelong friends at the conference.  This girl, I know is no different and I can’t wait to spend more time with her! Meghan Brown is the amazing team leader behind Two Bright Lights and I can’t say enough about her sweet spirit.  She invited me to headquarters while I was in New York and showed me all around the Knot and Two Bright Lights.

Amy of Amy and Jordan and I are pregnant (obviously) and due just a few weeks apart! So we, of course, had to show off the bumps at the United Gala.

This is Montana of Montana Dennis, whom Rusty and I love to kidnap and spend time with while we’re at United.  He’s also our favorite photographer and all around inspiration for a lot of our work and the heart we pour into it.  He’s taught us both a lot over the years about photography and has become a great friend.

This is us.  On the United stage with all the United attendees.  It was fun.

Field and I were the hosts of the show.  Field’s done this for years and well, it shows.  He’s fantastic.  I had my share of awkward moments and all around weirded-outness but thankfully, everyone was super merciful and full of grace.  It was so fun to step out of my comfort zone and at 7 months pregnant get gussied up for the stage every day!

This lady right here has a special place in my heart! She’s a fabulous hair and makeup artist from the area who has for the last few years come to help out at the conference.  While we’re not the celebrities she’s used to working with, she treats us all like queens and has been helping me look my best for the ball for the last few years! Getting to see her is a HIGHLIGHT and each year we just pick up right where we left off.  She’s truly a wonderful human and I wish I got to see her more often!

This is the face that Jasmine Star makes when she sees you in your costume for the first time.

Showit team photo! So thankful I get to work with these amazing people!

We also got to present awards and it was a TON of fun!

Overall, we had a great year.  Thanks for checking out our behind the scenes and joining in on the fun with us! If you want to follow along, you can follow us on instagram where you can follow along on all our shenanigans especially in our stories.

  1. Tiffany Matthews says:

    You love what you do & it shows!! Your pictures are ALWAYS SO beautiful & seem to capture each moment so perfectly. You & Rusty are a great team!!

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