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It’s All In The Deets | How To Ensure You Get Great Detail Photos From Your Photographer

Details are super fun to shoot.  It’s one of my favorite times during wedding day, actually.  It’s quiet, the excitement is building and usually everything is just starting to happen.  I shoot details while the bride is getting ready, that way I can keep an eye on her and shoot what I need to in […]


2015 Best of Weddings // Bridal Portraits Collection

I love it when brides choose to do bridal portraits.  They’re so southern, so iconic, and a tradition that I’m head over heels in love with.  Not only do we get to produce beautiful images but it’s also a great time for brides to break in those wedding shoes, see their bouquet before the big […]


Best of Weddings 2015 // Bride + Groom Collection

Part two of The Best of Weddings 2015 is here with the Bride and Groom Collection!  I have so enjoyed getting to know each one of these amazing couples.  I’m always sad when the wedding day is over but thankfully, our friendship usually doesn’t stop there.  I’m so thankful I still get to run into my couples […]

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