Arkansas Wedding Photographer_2687
Elegant Fountain South Inn Garden Wedding // Paige + Cameron
Arkansas Wedding Photographer_2607
Stone Chapel at Matt Lane Farm Arkansas Engagement Session / Caitlin + Rylie
Arkansas Wedding Photographer_2519
Mountain Engagement Session / Kaitlyn + Brad

The Wedding Workshop Part I : Fayetteville, Arkansas Wedding Photographer

I was so honored to get to speak along with Stephanie Nunnley to a group of photographers yesterday in Fayetteville at the amazing Pratt Place Inn & Barn.  There will be more on this workshop later, but we had an incredible stylized shoot while we were there and I’m DYING to share a few images from the shoot. We had an outstanding list of vendors and sponsors who helped make this event so far beyond our expectations.  A HUGE thank you to all who helped make this such a stunning reality on Sunday: Location: Pratt Place Inn & Barn // Facebook // Website // Instagram Florals: Hudson Florals: Alex Hudson // Facebook // Instagram  Cake: Shelby Lynn’s Cake Shoppe // Facebook // Website Cupcakes: Bliss Cupcake Cafe // Facebook // Website // Instagram Calligraphy/ Stationary : Anchor Port Calligraphy // Facebook //Website // Instagram  Silverware : Beach House Living // Facebook // Website // Blog Fabric Florals : Cultivar // Facebook // Website Hair for Bride and Groom: Dead Swanky / Dead Swanky Blow Dry Bar //Dead Swanky Facebook // Blow Dry Bar Facebook // Website // Instagram Groom : Jesse Breedon // Personal Facebook // Modeling Portfolio Bride: Lanye Bush // Facebook Makeup Artist : Jukee Lee // Personal Facebook //... read more


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No Regrets

No Regrets

Someone asked me this week about mistakes.  What mistakes I’d made.  What mistakes I regretted. And to be honest, I’ve made quite a few.  But I don’t regret a single one. “Mistakes are not to be confused with failure.  Mistakes are the point in which you pick up, dust yourself off, and try again.” I wrote that in a blog a few weeks ago.  It was something that I learned the hard way, after years of confusing the two. Failure is the point in which we give up.  Quite trying.  Where as  mistakes are the things that make us grow.  The things that humble us. The things that make us real. Failure is a choice. As I look back on my journey, I not only remember the good times, but see that the mistakes I’ve made were a greater step towards success than my triumphs.  They were the thing that kept me fighting harder.  Something that reminded me that the things in life worth fighting for are never easy.  And my dreams? They are totally worth the fight.  Struggles and all. But that’s not to say I don’t cry over them.  That’s not to say that they don’t hurt. But it’s the hurt that keeps me moving.  That teaches me not to take happiness for granted. That makes my victories even sweeter. Without hurts, there would be no true happiness.  Without struggle, there are no dreams achieved. So what do I do in those times of trial? First, I pray.  It’s the most comforting thing in the world, to have God on my side– to feel His arms wrapping around... read more
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