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Deanna + Jacob / An Arkansas Mountain Lodge Wedding
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Elegant Fountain South Inn Garden Wedding // Paige + Cameron
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Stone Chapel at Matt Lane Farm Arkansas Engagement Session / Caitlin + Rylie

Beginning OCF (Off Camera Flash) — Arkansas Wedding Photographers

So, this last year, I was determined that in order to get some more dynamic images, I was going to learn off camera flash. Determined. Now, I in no way claim to be an expert. In fact, my knowledge base comes from a hodge-poge of information freely given to me by friends in the industry, so none of this is earth shattering, original information.  However, it is relaying what I’ve learned in the past year, my extremely basic set up and how I ghetto fab-ed it, pretty much for 200$ or less. Starting out, I have a set of alien bee lights gifted to me from a relative.  I ADORE them. Especially for portrait sessions, etc.  However, at a wedding, I don’t always have the time to set them up, take them down and set them back up in a spot just five feet across the room very quickly. I needed something quick, something battery powered, light weight. And honestly, something that wasn’t going to set me back if someone tripped over a leg and shattered one.  <– because most likely, that person could/would be myself. I purchased some 60$ awesomeness in a box. These YN 560 II speedlights are amazing.  I already had a NIkon speedlight for my camera, so I just needed one.  (ps– if you have a little extra do-re-me you can splurge on the YN 560 III which have a built in receiver <wags eyebrows>  Only fourteen dolla more.  ) I, then purchased some YN transceivers — here’s where it gets icky as far as off camera lighting goes.  A lot of triggers/receiver sets are... read more


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No Regrets

No Regrets

Someone asked me this week about mistakes.  What mistakes I’d made.  What mistakes I regretted. And to be honest, I’ve made quite a few.  But I don’t regret a single one. “Mistakes are not to be confused with failure.  Mistakes are the point in which you pick up, dust yourself off, and try again.” I wrote that in a blog a few weeks ago.  It was something that I learned the hard way, after years of confusing the two. Failure is the point in which we give up.  Quite trying.  Where as  mistakes are the things that make us grow.  The things that humble us. The things that make us real. Failure is a choice. As I look back on my journey, I not only remember the good times, but see that the mistakes I’ve made were a greater step towards success than my triumphs.  They were the thing that kept me fighting harder.  Something that reminded me that the things in life worth fighting for are never easy.  And my dreams? They are totally worth the fight.  Struggles and all. But that’s not to say I don’t cry over them.  That’s not to say that they don’t hurt. But it’s the hurt that keeps me moving.  That teaches me not to take happiness for granted. That makes my victories even sweeter. Without hurts, there would be no true happiness.  Without struggle, there are no dreams achieved. So what do I do in those times of trial? First, I pray.  It’s the most comforting thing in the world, to have God on my side– to feel His arms wrapping around... read more
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