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From The Kitchen // Breakfast Sandwiches

It’s no secret around my house that the kitchen is one of my favorite places to be.  Surrounded by mint green subway tile, when I’m in there, I’m in my zone.  It’s a place of great memories with my kids as we make breakfast every morning, eat raw cookie dough like the rogues we are, […]

For Brides

What is a Copyright Anyway? Copyright vs Printing Rights

One of the most common things brides look for when looking for a photographer is “rights.”  Most don’t realize that there are two very different kind of rights when it comes to artwork, especially photography.  I think one of the most common questions I have asked when I’m talking with a client for the first […]

For Brides

The Details Box

The details box is one of the most essential pieces of material for a wedding day.  It’s what starts the day off right. When I first arrive to a wedding, the first thing I do is grab my details box and run.  (Not run away, and not run far- but run creatively.) I LOVE to […]

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