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Cassie Jones is a national award winning photographer based in
Arkansas and currently serving worldwide. She's a sentimental storyteller living a quiet life on a farm with her husband and two children. She loves to read, to paint, play the piano and on occasion, you'll find her singing in the kitchen. Her favorite thing to do is doing life with her family, whether they be sitting around the campfire singing hymns or simply gathered at the kitchen table with a good meal and great company. She loves deep conversations and has an affinity for old tv shows. And she has a weakness for anything vintage, iced coffee and cookie dough. 

the art

I believe that a beautiful moment lies in the way he touches your cheek. the way you glance at him. And the way he looks at you when you're not looking.

And i want to capture all of it

The sun is floating in through the windows, casting a warm glow on your cheeks.  He stands before you, waiting patiently as you walk towards him.  He swallows hard, emotion thick in his throat and you smile because you know he's fighting hard to keep his emotions in check.  Your features change as he loses the fight and a tear breaks free of the dam in his eyes and rolls gently down his cheek, leaving a trail of dampness in its wake.  You steal a glance at your momma, who is decidedly less determined to keep her tears at bay.  She looks proudly at her daughter, walking bravely towards an unknown future.  There's only one thing that's certain on this day, that you love one another.  And that love is enough. 

Like pearls on a strand these tiny moments make up the story of your day.  Mere seconds in time are the memories you'll hold most dear in your heart forever.  I'm here to capture them. So that years down the road, your children have a front row seat to the day their parents promised that their love was enough.  Enough to get them through the dark times and enough in times of abounding joy. These photographs, which sit idle on the living room table tangibly hold a magic that reminds your heart of these moments long after time has taken it's toll on the mind. My hope is that your album is a beacon of light during the hard times - one which reminds you that your marriage is worth fighting for, and a reminder of hope during times of joy.  I believe in a legacy worth remembering.  Let's tell your story together.


our collections start at 

all wedding collections include
/all day coverage by 2 photographers
/complimentary engagement session
/high resolution digital images with print release of wedding and engagement images 
/a 50 page storybook album



It's always an honor to have our clients' weddings featured in national and international publications around the world - online and in print. We're so thankful to the vendors and teams of wedding professionals who help make our clients' wedding days beautiful. Here's a small selection of some the publications we've had the privilege of working with. Thank you so much to all the publications who support us!

You may have seen our work in :

the today show 
mid-south bride
arkansas bride magazine 
Design mom 
borrowed & Blue

bridal guide
the huffington post
searcy living magazine
wedding wire



fine art


weddings start at

all day wedding coverage by two photographers


all wedding collections include

complimentary engagement session

high resolution images + print release for 
wedding + engagement

custom designed wedding album

frequently asked questions

and my answers

A:  We believe in only offering what we do best.  And that's tell stories.  We can't tell the story that your wedding day deserves if we're rushed and you're worried about an hour count like a ticking time bomb.  We only include all day wedding coverage by two photographers.  That means we sometimes have really long wedding days - but that's okay.  We love to be there from the minute you arrive until the minute you leave.

A:  My husband.  Rusty accompanied me to a photography conference I was speaking at once and was bitten by the interest bug.  That interest quickly turned into a fire and in no time, we were purchasing a camera and staying up at night and using car rides for photography lessons.  I can honestly say his spark was one of the best things that ever happened to us, and one of the biggest surprises ever.  We ADORE each other and spending wedding days serving our couples together.  We're best friends. And there's no one I'd rather spend my wedding days with.  

A: Weddings typically take 2-3 weeks at the most.  Engagement sessions and Bridal sessions are typically returned within a week.  A sneak peek is published the week following your wedding with anywhere from 100-150 images on the blog to tide you over. 

A:  I generally average about 100 images an hour, give or take.  Some hours, there's less going on, other hours, I'm shooting constantly. All your edited images are delivered in a downloadable gallery where you'll recieve high resolution images, access to professional printing (at cost) and sharing and downloading capabilities. We are firm believers that every couple deserves to have the images from their big day.  We don't chain you to high print costs and include everything we need up front.  

Q: What does "all day wedding coverage" mean? 

Q: How many images do you deliver? 

Q: Who is your second shooter? 

Q: How long does it take to receive our images? 

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Cassie! You are so amazing. You made me feel like a princess yesterday and I think that's what every girl wants on her wedding day. Twirling and dancing around the venue was a blast with you and just like our engagement pics, I know our wedding pics will be amazing. Love you girl.

just like a princess."

"you made me feel 

paige + Cameron
a mississippi garden wedding

When I first sent an inquiry to Cassie on her website, I was so impressed when she called me within 5 minutes. I loved her work and was happy she was free on our wedding date! Cassie made me feel calm and relaxed the day of the wedding because I knew I could trust her work and she's so fun to have around on such an important day! Not only did we walk away with great engagement and wedding photos, but also with a new friend! I cannot recommend her enough!

 & she's so much fun"

"I knew I could trust her

Allison + JD 
A historical hot springs wedding

Cassie and I grew up together. I had observed her photography for a while and knew I liked her style. So as soon as I got engaged, I knew I wanted to use Cassie to make my wedding pictures unique. My experience was everything that I had ever dreamed of having! From the engagement pictures to the reception, she had unique ideas that captured every special moment. When it starting raining right before our "first look", she was so calm and quick thinking.. I always felt comfortable talking to her and she was always available (even at 8 months pregnant)! The best part was when we received our beautifully made wedding book months after our big day. I catch myself looking through it all the time and I have Cassie to thank for these captured memories. Any bride would be lucky to experience their engagement and wedding through Cassie's lenses!

 everything i ever dreamed"

"My experience was 

Whitney + David 
a searcy, arkansas cathedral wedding

I've been really close friends with Cassie for over 10 years now and she's always been crafty and artistic with that special light in her eyes when she talked about art in any form. Then she found photography. Her calling. Her niche. Her ability to show the perfection in everyone's crazy, chaotic messy lives. Cassie is by far the most talented photographer I've ever seen. Her ability to naturally "pose" clients to her ability to capture those perfect random moments astonish me. She's able to capture exactly what your heart feels at the moment the picture was taken. That's talent y'all. That's something one innately possesses. It can't be taught or learned. It's a God-given gift. If you want your special moments captured in a way that will leave you breathless, Cassie is your only option. She's your choice. She's your photographer.

what your heart feels."

"She captures exactly 

Rhianna + Derek 
a hot springs lodge wedding

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